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Are Tasers used too freely?


Many people have questions about Tasers. Law enforcement agencies have touted the use of Tasers as an alternative to deadly force, saying that it enhances their ability to subdue a person safely when trying to arrest them. However, a new report has found that there have been over 500 deaths in the United States after Taser-related incidents.

With over 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the world using Tasers, it is important that communities, cities, and law enforcement agencies assess the use of these weapons and what instances they might be necessary. The report also found that of these 500 cases, there were a significant number in which the accused person who was being arrested didn't really pose a substantial threat to safety.

When someone is arrested, they might have a Taser used on them, and it appears the guidelines for using such devices could vary greatly from city-to-city in New Jersey.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision after an arrest. They can help the person determine if their rights were violated and whether police used excessive force in their arrest or interrogations of a person. Sometimes unnecessary force can sway the evidence in a case.

An attorney can explain how the court process works, and what a person might expect throughout their legal proceedings. Sometimes a New Jersey criminal defense involves evaluating the arrest process and if police used unnecessary force. This could result in charges being dropped or reduced, depending on the individual case.

Source: MintPress News, “Five Texas Police Departments Ban Tasers,” Katie Rucke, Sept. 26, 2013

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