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New Jersey man tasered at Rutgers football game


A man attending a Rutgers football game in another state was arrested after being tasered by police. According to a report, the man was trying to pull a cop away from his brother while his brother was being arrested for allegedly getting into a fight with another fan.

Police say the man then ran, and was later found by police in the crowds of the stadium and tasered before his arrest. While it isn't clear why police used a Taser on the man, it is important that situations like this are investigated thoroughly.

Sometimes police use force that isn't necessary in a situation. This might not only violate the policies of the police department, but could also violate the rights of the accused person.

When someone is arrested, they might be wise to speak with an experienced criminal defenseattorney. An attorney can evaluate how the person's arrest was handled to ensure that their rights weren't violated. If the person's rights were violate, some or all of the charges against the person might be reduced or dropped.

Each case is unique, and it is important that people understand their rights and the charges that they face in their own case. Sometimes people try to negotiate with police officers or authorities on their own, not realizing they might be admitting to committing a crime, or understanding what a plea deal would mean for their future. An attorney can help explain any process involved in the person's case and form a rigorous criminal defense.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "N.J. man tasered, arrested at Rutgers-Louisville game," Jeff Goldman, Oct. 11, 2013

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