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Police officer accused of official misconduct in New Jersey


A police officer in southern New Jersey is accused of official misconduct and falsifying records. The officer has now filed a lawsuit against the town after he was charged with these alleged crimes. According to a report, the police officer made an arrest of a state legislator last year for drunk driving. The charges against Assemblyman Paul Moriarty were later dropped, and the police officer was then charged.

The police officer says that he was charged with these crimes as retaliation by the city. Cases such as this one involve many different angles. It is important that all people who are accused are able to have a fair trial.

Although charges were dropped against the legislator, the police officer will now face charges for what he thought was his job. This makes it very important that the facts of a case can be presented fairly and an accused person's rights are always protected.

Speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision. They can help a person understand their rights, and explain to them how the legal process works. Even if a person believes that they understand how to handle a situation, it can be important to have another person with legal experience present to ensure they are being protected.

If a person is mistreated by authorities, an attorney can help a person understand what action they might be able to take and help form a rigorous criminal defense against the charges they are facing.

Source: ABC 27, "NJ cop accused of bogus arrest claims retaliation," Oct. 18, 2013

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