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Man arrested in New Jersey for attempted murder charges


A man was arrested while trying to check into a hotel in New Jersey last weekend. Police say that he was wanted in a neighboring state for attempted murder charges. When someone crosses state lines they might face more severe charges.

According to a report, the man was wanted because of an incident where two men were allegedly stabbed or cut at a bar earlier this month. When someone is arrested, police might ask them questions. They might even ask them for an admission to doing something illegal.

Sometimes police might even say that they will offer a deal in exchange for information. Many times police aren't able to make such deals. Speaking with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for anyone who is arrested. They can help the person understand the legal process.

They can be there with a person throughout the court process and make sure they understand what they should or should not say to police. If a person is convicted of a crime, they might be able to appeal their conviction and the sentence that they receive.

A conviction of a crime, especially a severe crime such as attempted-murder could result in a very long prison sentence. After a person serves their sentence they still might be faced with a difficult time finding a job or housing. Convictions can often result in employers not hiring a person, or being unable to hire a person with certain convictions because of regulations for an industry. A rigorous defense can help prevent the consequences of a conviction.

Source:, "New Jersey State Police arrest man wanted on attempted murder charges in Saddle Brook," John C. Ensslin, Sept. 7, 2013

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