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Man charged with drunk driving after riding lawn mower


When people hear about drunk driving charges, they generally think of a person driving back from the bar in their car or truck. Although the arrest wasn't made in New Jersey, one man in a neighboring state was recently arrested for allegedly drunk driving. However, he wasn't accused of using a car or truck. Police say the man was stopped while riding a lawn mower down the side of the street.

They say the man told authorities that he was riding to his home, over 6 miles away. Police also say they found an open can of beer in the storage compartment on the lawn mower. The man is now facing charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.

Although this case might sound unusual, and many people will ask whether this person should have actually been arrested, it is important to understand that drunk driving laws across the country can sometimes be very ambiguous. This allows police to use some discretion when deciding whether to arrest a person. Many times authorities tend to be more strict than lenient with drunk driving allegations.

After an arrest, it might be wise for the accused to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. An attorney can help the person answer questions from police. Many times authorities will ask leading questions, trying to get a person to admit wrongdoing, if not confess to an alleged crime. These statements can be incriminating and result in a significant jail sentence and license suspension.

Source: Associated Press, "Pa. man charged with DUI on riding lawn mower," Sept. 19, 2013

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