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Arrest warrant issued in New Jersey for former Jets player


A former player from the Jets football team has had a warrant issued for his arrest in New Jersey. The warrant was for failure to appear in court, according to a report on the warrant. The report also said that the man was supposed to be in court because of a warrant do to outstanding traffic tickets.

These charges can compound if a person doesn't show up in court. While it is important not to ignore warrants, or request from courts, a person should understand their rights. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney after an arrest or when a person knows an arrest warrant is issued might be a wise decision.

They can help a person understand the situation and ensure that they are treated fairly throughout the court process. Sometimes authorities mistreat people, and judges may try to make an example of a person, especially if they are a public figure or well-known person.

An attorney can ensure that the person has a fair trial. If someone violates the rights of the accused person, an attorney might be able to seek to have charges dropped or reduced.

Although this case involving the Jets player might seem relatively small, it can quickly become a larger criminal issue. It is always best to address the issue, but understand one's rights before speaking with authorities. Anything you tell a law enforcement official might be used against you later in court. They may even try to negotiate a deal, which they might not be able to.

Source: NY Daily News, "Arrest warrant issued in New Jersey for ex-Jets running back Joe McKnight," Seth Walder, Sept. 20, 2013

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