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Prison officers charged with official misconduct


Residents in New Jersey look to law enforcement and the judicial system to maintain a safe environment in which to live and work. Part of this involves seeking out those who participate in illegal activities. In some cases, this can actually lead to the discovery that persons charged with upholding the law are actually the ones who are breaking the law. No person—whether a police officer, judge or attorney—is above being charged with a drug crime.

This is the case for three people who worked as corrections officers in the Trenton State Prison. All three were indicted earlier in 2014 on various counts of misconduct. The charges resulted from information learned during a long-time investigation which showed that the officers allegedly accepted bribes to allow illegal drugs and mobile phones to be smuggled into the facility.

According to reports, the bribes were taken from as many as 18 people outside of the prison as well as 14 people currently serving time for a variety of violent crimes. Some of the inmates have indicated their involvement with gangs as well although it is unknown if those connections had any part in the activities that led to the current situation. It is also unknown if specific drug charges have been levied against any of the parties or what illegal drugs may have been allowed into the jail.

All people who are charged with drug trafficking, smuggling or other offenses are not necessarily guilty. Working with an experienced attorney can be a way that some defendants obtain the pre-trial intervention and defense assistance needed.

Source:, “Three N.J. State Prison corrections officers, 32 others charged in cell phone, drug smuggling scheme,” James McEvoy, July 30, 2014

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