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High BAC leads to DWI arrest for nanny


Vehicular offenses related to the use of drugs or alcohol can easily lead to serious consequences for drivers who are ultimately convicted. New Jersey’s laws in this area are among some of the most stringent in the nation. When DWI arrests are made and coupled with other charges as well, the potential list of penalties can appear even harsher for defendants.

A 50-year old woman is currently facing some of these drunk driving charges and consequences after her arrest in Toms River. The incident sent her to Ocean County Jail and her bail was set at $50,000. Her arrest happened after she hit and dislodged a fire hydrant. Authorities have charged her not only with drinking and driving but with possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle and endangering the welfare of a child.

The child was under her care as she was hired by the mother as a nanny for the youngster. The mother allegedly returned home in the mid afternoon to find the woman passed out and the child in tears on the ground inside the home. It was after this that the defendant left in her vehicle and was later arrested and charged by police. Officers also found multiple alcohol bottles that were empty inside the vehicle. A timeline for the DWI defense hearings is not yet known.

People who are arrested for drunk driving or other offenses can seek help to fight the charges. Working with a private defense lawyer can be one option to get the right type of help.

Source: CBS Philly, “NJ Nanny Gets DUI After Mother Finds Her Passed Out Near Crying Child,” Andrew Kramer, August 2, 2014

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