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Prescription drug sales lead to multiple arrests


Many people think of the possession, use and sale of illegal drugs when they first hear of people facing drug charges. However, the use, acquisition and illegal sale of prescription drugs in New Jersey can be equally prevalent and dangerous. Sometimes, individuals work alone in obtaining these medications for distribution and other times multiple people are involved in a more complex scheme. If found guilty of federal drug charges defendants may be subject to severe consequences.

Such could be the case for 14 people between Rutherford, Newark, Jersey City, Brooklyn and other areas. Each person has been arrested and faces conspiracy charges related to the possession and distribution of oxycodone. Convictions could result in fines as high as $1 million and jail sentences as long as 20 years. Among the charged is a pharmacist.

The arrests and charges are the result of a five-month investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration Tactical Diversion Squad. It is believed that additional suspects were involved but those persons are not in custody at this time. A federal court in Newark will be hearing the case. Reports assert that prescriptions were fraudulently obtained from multiple physicians and then filled at different pharmacies, including the Belleville Pharmacy. Other pharmacy names are not known at this time.

Serious drug charges can be faced whether for illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin as well as for any number of prescription medications. Persons who have been charged with these crimes may not necessarily be guilty and may wish to seek help with their defenses in order to avoid wrong outcomes.

Source:, “Three Rutherford residents arrested for alleged involvement in oxycodone ring,” Meghan Grant, August 13, 2014

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