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Woman charged for DWI after municipal building accident


A woman in New Jersey was accused of being intoxicated when she drove onto the Newton municipal building lawn on Aug. 13. According to a police investigation into the incident, the 53-year-old woman's automobile entered the front walkway and struck multiple pillars after she drove off of Trinity Street. The woman was detained after the incident and charged for careless driving and DWI.

The incident took place at about 3 p.m. when police dispatchers reportedly heard a loud noise coming from outside of the building. While observing the surveillance camera footage, police witnessed the accused woman's car drive back over the sidewalk. The woman was then seen parking her vehicle, getting out and checking her car's front end before finally entering the municipal building.

According to reports, police witnessed part of the accident on surveillance video because the police station is located next to the municipal building. After the woman was taken into custody and charged, she was released to a member of her family while awaiting her next court appearance.

Careless driving and DWI do not necessarily happen simultaneously in every case. At times, a person may commit a traffic violation as a result of distraction or exhaustion. If an individual was falsely accused of being intoxicated after a distracted or exhausted driving incident, a lawyer may be able to help them to dispute the DWI charge. While possibly arguing that the intoxication testing methods were insufficient, a lawyer may also help a defendant to present evidence establishing that they were especially exhausted or unusually distracted at the time of the accident.

Source:, "Woman drives into Newton municipal building, charged with D.W.I., police say", Alex Napoliello, August 15, 2014

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