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Boat dealer accused of fraud and illegal trading


As in every other state, criminal activities come in New Jersey take various forms, some of which are fraudulent acts or white-collar crimes. These endeavors are committed with just one thing in mind -- financial gain. Ponzi schemes, investment scams, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, bribery and embezzlement are common examples. These may have be regarded as crimes in the state but they are also considered federal crimes, which can have serious consequences for any person convicted of them.

Recently, a boat dealer was arrested by Egg Harbor Township police officers for allegedly illegally trading boats. The owner of Professional Boat Sales has been accused of reselling the boats without first settling the bank loans that allowed their purchase.

According to investigators, they began looking at the suspect's activities in October after supposedly suspicious activity was reported at his business. Police have thus far received complaints from four victims. One victim filed a complaint after receiving a bad check valued at $33,000 from the suspect for the sale of his boat.

The suspect was charged with theft by deception and issuing bad checks. One of the suspect's employees at Professional Boat Sales will also face charges, although police would not identify the person.

Dealing with white-collar crimes is difficult if an accused party does not understand that person's legal rights. In particular, people should understand their right to an aggressive criminal defense. Even with white collar crimes, defenses exist which can help to reduce or eliminate the charges. People can challenge the evidence presented by prosecutors in order to show that they are innocent.

Source: Trade Only Today, "New Jersey dealer arrested in fraud case," Feb. 10, 2014

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