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Minor fender bender leads to major drug charge for N.J. man


New Jersey state law does not tolerate use and distribution of illegal drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, steroids and ecstasy. A person charged with a drug crime is likely to face stiff fines and penalties upon conviction. The gravity of the punishment depends on the quantity and type of drugs confiscated. Prosecutors use any evidence against the defendant and a jury decides the sentence for the suspect.

Recently, a minor collision between two vehicles on a New Jersey highway led to major consequences with the arrest of a Northern New Jersey man on drug charges. The cars came in contact on a Bayonne, New Jersey road when the suspect's car collided with a vehicle driven by an off-duty New Jersey Port Authority officer.

While exchanging insurance information outside the cars, suddenly the suspect ran off clutching a bag. The police officer chased the man and allegedly discovered marijuana and a large amount of cash inside the plastic bag. The suspect is now facing marijuana possession charges.

The suspect in this case should seek legal advice immediately to avoid any legal problems, making incriminating statements or loss of his right to contest the charges. Without the guidance of a staunch legal advocate, the defendant may face a difficult time proving innocence in court due to the circumstances of the case.

Bergen County, New Jersey residents facing these serious legal issues need to understand that handling a drug-charge case alone may not yield favorable results. To increase the chances of acquittal of the charges, establishing a strong criminal defense is a must. It may or may not work out; however, the person who does everything possible can at least have some peace of mind knowing that no stone was left unturned.

Source:, "Driver faces drug charges after Bayonne crash," Feb. 1, 2014

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