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Four men accused of having sex and prostituting a minor


Sex crimes are serious offenses in Bergen County, New Jersey. Sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, lewdness or indecency, possession of child pornography, child molestation and prostitution are some examples of sex crimes. A person accused of such a crime will want to comprehend the gravity of the offense and the possible outcome of conviction, and mount a staunch defense.

For example, four men were recently arrested and charged for their alleged involvement in the prostitution and abuse of an underage girl. According to the United States Attorney's Office in New Jersey, a 24-year-old man allegedly met the girl and forced her to have sex in exchange for money in 2011. The two then traveled to a neighboring state, where they met a 29-year-old man who allegedly also engaged in sexual acts.

While staying at the house of the older man, the girl was introduced to a 35-year-old man who then solicited clients for the girl. The 35-year-old man then introduced the girl to a fourth man, who allegedly took the girl to New Jersey where she was asked to have sexual intercourse with another man. The 31-year-old attempted to photograph this act for blackmailing purposes, but the plan apparently failed.

The four men have been indicted on numerous federal sex crime charges, including conspiracy to engage in the sex trafficking of a minor. All remain in police custody.

This case and many like it are very complicated, sometimes involving multiple parties, a number of incidences and various locations. Prosecutors will face the challenge of piecing together their allegations in a court, and must prove the guilt of the parties beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain the desired conviction. Those facing charges, however, can work with a tireless advocate to tell their side of the story and test the prosecution and police conduct in a given case. This type of defense can make a difference in seeking the best possible outcome. While allegations of misconduct alone may hurt one's reputation, putting up a fight in court may limit the damage and ensure each defendant's rights are respected.

Source:, "Haverstraw man 1 of 4 indicted in federal sex trafficking case," James O'Rourke, Feb. 1, 2014

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