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New Jersey couple arrested on white collar crime charges


Residents of Bergen County are likely familiar with widely-hyped stories of allegedly fraudulent acts including bribery, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, Ponzi schemes and other investment scams. These are all considered white collar crimes, or offenses committed for financial gain. Police officers and the federal government are always on the hunt for people they suspect may be committing acts that can be charged as white collar crimes.

Recently, some supposedly suspicious activity at local banks in Wall Township caught the attention of a Spring Lake Police officer, leading to the apprehension of a 20-year-old woman and 33-year-old man. A detective claims to have found out that the female suspect was depositing fake checks at different banks across New Jersey. Once the allegedly fake checks had been deposited, one of the suspects would attempt to withdraw the money at a different bank.

The male suspect was charged with a total of three counts of conspiracy to commit forgery. His female partner was charged with three counts of forgery.

Suspects in cases like this face serious charges and may seek legal a professional's help in evaluating their cases. After that, the legal professional will explain the details of the cases, including the gravity of the offenses and the potential consequences in the event of a conviction. The next step would be challenging the charges; establishing a strong defense is key to proving the innocence of the defendants. A legal professional can also attempt to negotiate with the prosecution for reduced charges.

The path of a case depends on how the defendants wish to proceed. Challenging the evidence presented does not guarantee the dismissal of the case, but it can lead to favorable results for New Jersey white collar defendants whose futures are on the line.

Source:, "Spring Lake cop nabs two N.J. check fraud suspects," Christopher Robbins, Jan. 23, 2014

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