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New Jersey police charge 4 women with drug possession charges


The use of controlled substances is a serious issue across the United States. While drug possession can sometimes be treated as a minor offense, many folks in Bergen County, New Jersey, know that it has serious implications.

Police recently arrested four women after allegedly smoking marijuana in a vehicle. An officer stopped the suspects' car because the license plate lights were not working. He noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle while he was speaking to the driver. According to the officer, the driver admitted that she smoked a marijuana cigarette prior to the traffic stop with her three passengers.

After receiving permission, the officer searched the car and allegedly recovered a Tupperware container that had about 50 grams of marijuana, a packet of rolling papers, a glass smoking pipe and burnt marijuana residue inside. Police transported the four women to headquarters and charged them with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs. Additionally, the car driver is facing a violation for failing to operate her vehicle with an operable lamp and possession of a controlled substance in a vehicle. They were released after several hours.

Police are committed to curb all illegal drug activities in New Jersey. State laws prohibit the possession, manufacturing and distribution of drugs. Often, drug charges depend on several factors, including the amount of drugs recovered.

A person charged with a drug crime has the rights to a fair trial and needs an aggressive defense strategy. Should someone be found guilty of a drug crime, sentences, including rehabilitation, probation, fines and prison are possible. A drug-related crime can also damage a person's reputation since employers and other institutions often run background checks.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "4 women face marijuana charges," Dec. 27, 2013

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