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New Jersey teenager faces DUI charges, put under suicide watch


In Bergen, New Jersey drunk driving is a serious safety risk that endangers the lives of people on the road. Because of its tragic outcome, most suspected of drunk driving have a tough time in court and once convicted, may face serious penalties.

Authorities placed a 19-year-old man under suicide watch after his involvement in a fatal drunk driving accident in New Jersey. The early morning accident occurred when he lost control of his car, failed to negotiate a curve and hit the rear of a tractor-trailer, which was parked on the shoulder of the road.

Two of the passengers died on the scene while the third succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. The teenage driver attempted to flee but police found him and charged him with driving under the influence and underage DUI. Following a court hearing, the judge reduced the bail by half to $500,000.

This accident is a haunting experience because the young man is also at a loss. It is difficult to lose loved ones in a tragic accident especially knowing the fact that he had something to do with it.

Drunk driving charges carry serious consequences, including the automatic loss of driving privileges. In New Jersey, the severity of DUI charges and convictions escalate depending on several factors including repeat offenses, high blood alcohol content level, injuries and any indication of violating Leandra's law. Financially speaking, a DUI can result in fines, higher insurance costs and unemployment.

Appearing in court and taking a defendant's stand can be stressful as well. Without legal knowledge, it could be easy for an accused drunk driver to be sentenced with harsh convictions. In the event that a person faces DUI, it is ideal to build an aggressive defense to protect him or her from harsh convictions.

Source: The Trentonian, "Driver of fatal I-95 crash has bail cut in half, on suicide watch," Paul Mickle, Dec. 23, 2013

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