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Truck driver arrested for drunk driving


A driver in New Jersey who is charged with drunk driving or a related offense may spend time in jail, lose driving privileges, be ordered to pay steep fines and more. A DUI conviction can remain on a person’s driving record for many years and also impact that driver’s ability to obtain affordable automobile insurance or even get to and from a job. If the person charged with a DUI is operating a commercial vehicle at the time, employment with that company may even be in jeopardy.

A commercial truck driver is currently facing these and other concerns after his recent arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. Reports do not indicate if this is a first time DUI for the man or if he has any prior convictions on his record. A person arrested for repeat DUI offenses may be subject to even harsher penalties that a person who has never had such an offense before.

The impaired driver allegedly crashed his vehicle, a large tractor-trailer, into a forested area just off of the freeway late one night. The truck was found in the same location just before the morning commute, forcing one lane of Interstate 80 heading eastbound to be closed during that time of the day. Reports indicate the driver sustained minor injuries. It is not known if any other vehicles were involved but none have been disclosed in reports thus far.

People in need of a DUI defense may fear they have no chance of receiving fair treatment. That is not true and talking to a private attorney may be a helpful way to learn how to fight a DUI charge.

Source:, “Interstate 80 lane in Allamuchy Township shut by late-night DUI truck crash, police say,” Tony Rhodin, July 7, 2014

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