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Brothers held in lieu of bail


Many people choose to live in New Jersey to enjoy its opportunities and quality of life. However, New Jersey is no more immune to criminal problems than any other state. Laws are in place to keep communities safe for all people as well as to ensure that people who are suspected of criminal activities are treated fairly. Every person arrested deserves the chance for a thorough criminal defense in order to avoid penalties that may be harsher than necessary.

Two brothers from Wayne are today facing potential criminal convictions and associated penalties as they have been taken to the Monroe County Correctional Facility for multiple criminal charges. They are held in lieu of bail. The men are brothers and have been arrested for drug crimes including possession of a controlled substance, intent to deliver the substance and for possessing firearms when not allowed. In addition, the younger man, a 25-year old, faces charges of being a fugitive related to a parole violation.

It was actually the parole violation of the younger brother that led police to find both men in a room at the Flower Field Motel in Stroudsburg early one morning. The 26-year old man first opened the door and his younger brother was later found beneath a bed in the room. A search warrant was obtained and led to the discovery of a semi-automatic gun, 130 bags containing what was believed to be heroin and other drug paraphernalia. Some items, including a gun holster, were easily seen by police. Due to early arrests, neither brother was allowed to possess a firearm.

People charged with a crime of any type may want to work with a private defense attorney when facing serious penalties. Getting the right professional guidance can help to prevent situations from being worse than need be.

Source: Pocono Record, “New Jersey brothers face gun, drug charges after arrest in Stroudsburg,” July 18, 2014

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