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2 New Jersey men accused of running heroin mill


On Oct. 30, two people in New Jersey were detained for allegedly operating a heroin mill. The 30-year-old and 29-year-old men were apprehended at a home in Hackensack, and they were both charged with money laundering and maintaining a drug facility. Police also charged one of the men for allegedly using somebody else's personal information.

After the men were taken into custody, officers executed a search warrant at a residence in Closter. Police allege that the heroin mill was being run at that location. Law officials also claim that the men were in possession of about $333,000 in cash at the time they were apprehended.

The 29-year-old's bail was set at $300,000 while the 30-year-old man's bail was set at $350,000. Reports did not indicate when their next court appearance will be. Prosecutors claim that more individuals might be charged in connection to this case.

In a situation similar to this one, a criminal defense lawyer might begin investigating the merits of a search warrant to discern whether the search was legally sound and did not encroach on a defendant's rights. If the arresting officers failed to follow proper procedure, a lawyer might be able to get one or all of the charges dismissed or reduced.

Anyone who has been charged with a drug crime may have the option of hiring a lawyer. A legal representative could possibly uncover errors or technicalities that could potentially lead to reduced penalties. A lawyer might also be effective in negotiating a plea bargain for the defendant.

Source:, "Prosecutors: 2 charged in heroin mill operation", November 01, 2014

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