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Man charged with DWI after car chase with police


New Jersey police claim that a man from Roselle led them on a car chase on Nov. 3 that resulted in a series of moving violations and the detention of all four individuals in the vehicle. After a brief investigation, the other three occupants were released, and the driver was taken to Garwood Police Headquarters to face charges of DWI and other crimes.

According to the police, they first made contact with a grey Nissan that was observed on North Avenue attempting to make a turn onto the wrong lanes of Center Street and then returning to North Avenue before driving off at high speed. The police claim that they attempted to stop the vehicle but it continued to drive away, violating numerous laws of the road in the process.

More police officers joined in the chase, and the Nissan was finally brought to a halt on the 200 block of Second Avenue. All four individuals in the car were removed and detained by the police, but after a short inquiry, the officers chose to release the three passengers. The driver was charged with moving violations, eluding and DWI for his part in the incident. He was held on a bond of $25,000, which he later posted and secured his release.

New Jersey law has specific provisions stating that consent for a breath test for alcohol is implied in order for any citizen to have driving privileges on their roads. Refusal of a breath test is a violation of the law and may trigger separate penalties. The assistance of a lawyer may be helpful to anyone who is accused of DWI or other related infractions as they may be able to plan and provide a strategy to disprove charges and minimize legal penalties.

Source:, "Roselle man charged with DWI by Garwood Police following chase", Barbara Rybolt, November 14, 2014

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