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New Jersey police detain 3 following drug investigation


Authorities took three men into custody on various drug related charges following a drug bust that reportedly took place in Middlesex County on Oct. 9. Police claim that crack cocaine, marijuana, powdered cocaine and heroin were confiscated. The incident was the result of a 30-day police investigation and involved officials from the Middlesex and Piscataway police departments, the New Jersey State Police Canine Unit and the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office Narcotics Task Force.

According to the police report, officers and investigators allegedly confiscated 9 grams of crack cocaine, 16.9 grams of powdered cocaine, 5.5 grams of marijuana and 2,800 bags of heroin following the execution of a search warrant on the suspected property. As a result of the bust, police detained a 27-year-old Piscataway man for charges related to an outstanding warrant that had been previously issued by the Middlesex County Sherriff's Office and a 32-year-old Middlesex man for charges relating to possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. Police also detained a third man, a 44-year-old man also from Middlesex, for similar drug charges involving cocaine and heroin possession and distribution.

Law enforcement officials sent all three men to the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center in North Brunswick. The 32-year-old man's bail was set for $300 in connection with outstanding warrants while the 44-year-old man's bail was set at $250,000. When the report was issued, authorities had not set the amount of the Piscataway man's bail.

The consequences of drug charges in New Jersey can be serious. While first-time offenders may choose to apply for a diversion program, repeat offenders may face an aggressive prosecution that may press for strict penalties such as a lengthy jail sentence, probation and steep fines. A local criminal defense attorney who is experienced in these cases might be able to mitigate the penalties through plea bargain negotiations or by challenging the evidence or police protocol in the incident.

Source:, "Middlesex, Piscataway men arrested in drug bust", October 10, 2014

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