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Attempted sexual assault charges for New Jersey man


On Sept. 10, a 62-year-old Cherry Hill man was taken into custody and charged with endangering a child's welfare, attempted luring and attempted sexual assault. According to police, the man had attempted to arrange a meeting between himself and a teenage girl for sexual purposes. Bail was set for $70,000, and the man was sent to the Burlington County Jail.

The alleged meeting was to take place in Mount Holly. According to police, the man had condoms and vodka in his vehicle when he traveled to meet the girl who he thought was waiting for him. However, police claim that the teenager was fictitious and that the accused man had actually been communicating with a detective from the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office High Tech Crimes Unit.

Police were waiting for the man when he arrived at Mount Holly. While the prosecutor's office initiated the investigation, officers from the Mount Holly Police Department assisted in the detention of the accused man.

If a court finds someone guilty of a sex crime, especially concerning a minor, the accused individual could face extensive penalties, such as a lengthy prison term. However, there are several methods for reducing the charges for someone who is charged with a sex crime. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the defense could argue that investigating authorities entrapped the accused. In other words, a law enforcement official convinced the accused to commit a crime that he or she would have otherwise not committed.

Other than entrapment, there are several ways to defend against sex crime allegations. The defense may also negotiate with the prosecution for lesser charges in exchange for a guilty plea or information on other potentially accountable parties.

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