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13 indicted on drug charges associated with heroin mill raid


On Jan. 2, it was announced that 13 people who were accused of being involved in a heroin mill in New Jersey were indicted on drug-related charges. The raid of the alleged mill and drug den occurred in April 2014.

Authorities stated that they seized approximately $525,000 worth of drugs during the raid, which occurred following a year-long investigation into the operation and reportedly involved 18 different law enforcement agencies. Ultimately, the authorities took 21 people into custody, though some of those individuals have already pleaded guilty for their involvement and were awaiting sentencing.

Two of the indicted individuals were identified as a 34-year-old male and a 27-year-old male. They were accused of actually selling the drugs from a nearby residence in Linden. Both were charged with conspiracy to sell drugs and operating a drug producing facility, among other charges. Both remained in custody in lieu of bail. A third person was identified as a 39-year-old man. He was accused of supplying the drugs to be sold and of directing the production of heroin. He was charged with drug manufacturing and drug distribution conspiracy. He was also being held in custody in lieu of bail.

Drug charges can have serious consequences depending on the specific charge and on the circumstances surrounding the situation. For example, someone who was accused of drug manufacturing may be facing a longer jail sentence than someone who was charged with drug possession. An attorney representing an accused person could potentially defend the client against the accusations by providing evidence that they did not own any residence that was allegedly being used to sell drugs, that they were not involved in the drug operation or that they were unknowingly involved in the drug operation.

Source:, "13 indicted in Linden 'one-stop shop' for heroin, pill operation; other suspects await sentencin", Tom Haydon , January 02, 2015

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