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2 men face New Jersey drug charges for heroin


In late December, a 41-year-old man and a 26-year-old man were taken into police custody based on allegations of drug trafficking. The men now face charges for possessing heroin with the intent to sell it, and reports say that if found guilty, they might be subjected to up to 20 years of prison time. The pair were accused of attempting to move drugs from an undisclosed location to their native New York City.

State police in New Jersey detained the men after allegedly stopping a shipment of more than 30 pounds of heroin. The drug law enforcement action took place in Knowlton Township, and a criminal complaint was subsequently entered in a state superior court in Belvidere. Although reports claimed that the heroin supposedly seized was worth millions of dollars, they did not give an exact value for the drugs.

When pressed for further details, the New Jersey State Police wouldn't release a comment. Official records reveal that the case was not unique in recent times. A similar seizure occurred during the summer. The men in the latest incident have been given bail of $300,000, and their trial was scheduled to be prosecuted in Warren County.

Police agencies that fail to build completely viable cases against individuals may detain people regardless in the hopes they'll be able to obtain more evidence while they keep them in custody. In drug cases, prosecutors and authorities might pressure these individuals into signing or making confessions that misrepresent their cases or tell them they're better off admitting to crimes to receive minimal punishments. Those hoping to avoid drug crime convictions and criminal records should exert their right to consult a criminal defense attorney.

Source: LeHigh Valley Live, "15 kilograms of heroin recovered in Warren County during Christmas Eve bust, court records say", Matthew Bultman, December 26, 2014

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