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Man arrested for allegedly attempting fight in New Jersey bar


A man was arrested over the Fourth of July holiday weekend after police say he was drunk and trying to fight people at a bar. He is now facing disorderly conduct charges and resisting arrest after being arrested on July 4. A police officer says he responded to a bar, where the man was attempting to fight people. Police arrested the man and he was later charged.

During holiday weekends, police and bar owners might be especially cautious of people who might have too much to drink. Police officers might stop in at bars to see how things are going, or might pull over cars for very minor traffic violations and ask the person if they have been drinking.

All of these things are said to help keep the community safe. But what happens if law enforcement is just overreacting, and a person is arrested, despite not having done anything wrong. This can lead to someone having to face charges for a serious crime.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision after any arrest. No matter how small or insignificant a charge might seem, it is important that people understand what effects a conviction or charge might have on them in the future.

If someone is trying to apply for a job, they might have to explain a conviction, even if the accusation of the crime seemed minor at the time. This could result in embarrassment or the person not getting the job they applied for.

Source: New Jersey Herald, "Poor pub behavior leads to arrest," July 6, 2013

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