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New Jersey man arrested for robbery, cops say caught on camera


A man was arrested in a neighboring state late last week after authorities say the man broke into a house, where a woman was with a child. According to reports the man allegedly harmed the woman, while the child was left alone.

These accusations are very severe, and could lead to a lengthy prison sentence if the man is convicted. He was reportedly charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment. Police are also saying that the alleged robbery was captured on a nanny cam placed in the home.

No matter what charges a person faces, or how severe the potential sentence might be if the person is convicted, they could face extreme damage to their reputation and future potential for housing and employment. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey might be a wise decision after an arrest. They can help a person, not only understand their rights, but defend them against unfair treatment by authorities.

They can be there while a person is being questioned after an arrest to help ensure that the person doesn't say something under stress that might lead to their conviction of a crime. Police might use certain questioning tactics to try to confuse a person, or put them under immense pressure to answer.

This can lead to a wrongful conviction. A conviction could result in a damaged future, or a long prison term, even for the rest of a person's life for very serious allegations. If a person is convicted, their might an option for an appeal.

Source: AP, "Shawn Custis Arrested For NJ Nanny Cam Home Invasion," June 28, 2013

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