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Men arrested at New Jersey airport face serious charges


Two men were arrested over the weekend for allegedly giving false bomb threats at Newark Liberty International Airport. Authorities often take these threats very seriously, and accusations of threats such as the ones in these cases should not be taken lightly. When a person is accused of a crime, it is assumed that they are innocent until proven guilty. In cases that are highly publicized such as these, people are subject to public scrutiny that might make it difficult for them to obtain a fair trial.

A fair trial is essential for everyone who is accused of a crime, no matter how severe an alleged crime might seem. When people are arrested, they might not fully understand their rights, and might say or do things that authorities will interpret as admissions of guilt. An experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help those who are arrested understand their rights and form a rigorous defense.

In chaotic situations, something a person says might be interpreted incorrectly, or might be the result of a language barrier. Just because there is a miscommunication doesn't mean a person should be subjected to a wrongful conviction.

Police might try to get information out of people through interrogations, which might later be used against the person at trial. Having an experienced attorney at a person's side during questioning can help ensure the person doesn't answer incriminating questions. They can also work to protect the person's reputation during the trial. If the person is convicted an attorney can help appeal the conviction.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Arrests made in two false bomb threats at Newark airport," Steve Strunsky, March, 18, 2013

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