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Man arrested in protest of bear hunt for third year


A man in New Jersey was arrested late last year for protesting a bear hunt. The man has been arrested for protesting the hunt for the past three years, but he has said he will fight the charges this year, despite having paid fines for the last two incidents. He appeared in court this week for the first time since his charge, and says that he didn't do anything wrong, which is why he is fighting the charge this year.

When someone has been charged with a crime multiple times, police might be more likely to arrest that person again. Sometimes the person might not do anything wrong, but police arrest the person because they think that they are bound to cause trouble. Because police sometimes arrest people without having a reason, it is important that people understand their rights.

An experience criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help a person defend their rights and form a rigorous criminal defense to defeat any charges they are facing. Sometimes police and investigators don't properly gather evidence or violate a person's rights during their arrest. This can lead to some or all charges being dropped depending on the individual circumstances surrounding the case.

The man in this case was a reputable member of the community, and was trying to exercise his right to protest. When a person feels that their rights have been violated, they should work to defend themselves, as convictions can harm their reputation and may influence their professional and personal standing in the community.

Source: The Star-Ledger, "Bear hunt protester to contest latest annual arrest in Sussex County court today," Seth Augenstein, March 20, 2013

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