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Man faces severe charges after New Jersey domestic dispute


When a person is accused of a crime, they might also face public scrutiny because arrests often become public information and publicized through the media. Despite being considered innocent until proven guilty, many news reports treat people of alleged crimes as guilty. Details used in the news report often come directly from police reports, which demonstrate the police and witness points of view, often not favoring an accused person.

A man in New Jersey was arrested and charged with multiple severe charges after an alleged domestic dispute. The man is facing attempted homicide, aggravated assault and weapon charges. These charges are extremely serious, and could result in years in prison if the man is convicted. While the reports of the situation outline a chaotic event, the media often only highlight details that the police include in their reports.

According to a news report on the incident, the man is accused of stabbing his stepson's friend after the stepson and his friend intervened in a dispute between the man and his wife. It is important that people who are accused of severe violent crimes understand their rights. Many times they will be arrested and questioned by investigators who may try to get the person to admit guilt.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in New Jersey can help a person understand their rights and work to form a rigorous defense. While every charge should be taken seriously, some carry higher penalties for a conviction and might involve more variables that an attorney can help work through.

Source: Associated Press, "N.J. domestic dispute ends with arrest, stabbing," March 24, 2013

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