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Five arrested in New Jersey on warrants


When a person is arrested for a crime, no matter how severe the accusation might seem, it is important that they understand their rights. These rights can help ensure a person receives a fair trial, and police officers don't abuse their power, which could lead to a wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

Over the last seven days, five people were arrested in New Jersey on contempt of court warrants. When a person is arrested on a warrant, they might not understand what that means. They might say things to police that could lead to their incrimination and they might not understand what rights they have throughout the court process.

The court system is set up to process people who are arrested and prosecute them quickly. If they don't understand what is going on during the court proceedings they might not be able to properly defend the charges against them. If a person's rights are violated during their arrest, they might be accused and convicted of a crime that they didn't commit. This could lead to a jail or prison sentence, as well as a criminal record.

Serving time in jail can make it difficult to maintain current employment. After serving a sentence a person might face a stigma along with their criminal record that could make it difficult to find new employment or even housing in some cases. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision following an arrest. They can help the person understand their rights and make sure they receive a fair trial.

Source: Independent Press, "Summit Police arrest five people on contempt of court warrants," March 29, 2013

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